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Transformation Begins with Women

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When women prosper, their communities are empowered!

At Taller Salud we believe strong, healthy, safe and inspired women can and will change the world. But changing the world needs radical love, and radical love needs a community.

Taller Salud is a Puerto Rico based feminist grassroots organization founded in 1979 and committed to the advancement of women's rights through education, psychosocial support, advocacy and organizing. In the last 42 years, we've stepped up our work by expanding our offer of health promotion workshops, community development programs, anti-violence campaigns, and other well-defined efforts. With a population of 28,000 people, the coastal town of Loíza - our hometown for the past 20 years - has been steeped into poverty, violence, and inequality for generations and although women are the backbone of this community, too little has been done to ensure they have the economic and social resources to keep building up their resiliency and capacity to move forward a social justice agenda.

Taller Salud has fostered their leadership and needs your help to expand these initiatives. Your contribution will ensure that our girls and women develop their leadership skills and inspire others to be active participants in the betterment of their towns and, ultimately, the whole island. Loíza's community leaders will keep spearheading change and teaching, by their example, that every challenge can be overcome if we lean on each other, learn from each other and empower each other.

Looking forward, Taller Salud expects to keep building strong relationships with our girls and women and ensuring their well-being is secure by opening a Community Health Clinic, adding legal and medical services and increasing our coordinated response capacity through our School of Leadership and Community Health.